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Third Life Studios

Third Life Studios encompasses my artistic vision for "gifts of intention". Everything I create has a specific intention and purpose. My trees are made with wire and semi-precious stone and placed in antique vessels, wood or anything else that Spirit deems usable. Each tree is created with a specific purpose - to promote calm, facilitate healing or simply bring joy! They are "working pieces of art" that will bring years of benefit.

My prayer beads are comprised of 108 beads and feature unique tassles that hold the intention of the prayer. They are blessed as they are created and are meant to aid in concentration during meditation or prayer. They make a lovely addition to any meditation practice and no two are exactly alike! 

If you or a loved one are facing trials and would like a tree or set of beads designed especially for you, custom orders are always available.

I will add a gallery of my work soon with pieces available for purchase.

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