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Updated: Jan 25, 2020

We have been through a lot.

There's no denying our hearts have been damaged

by lies and betrayals too twisted to understand.

We have run the gamut of emotions;

from despair to fury, sadness to resignation.

And then, the first soft whispers of hope,

light and airy in our weathered souls.

We stand at the fork of this very long road,

wondering if the journey is worth the risk.

But maybe...just maybe...this road doesn't lead back to a house,

but the home we were always meant for.

A place where we are loved for exactly who we are,

no more and no less, perfect in its simplicity.

Maybe the storm clouds are finally passing

and we are closer to brighter days than we ever imagined.

Maybe this is just a beautiful gift...

and if so,

I'm ready to accept it.

~ TL McKelvey

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