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A New Way of Being

It’s been awhile.

Can you feel the collective

exhaustion in the world around us? I know I sure can. To say the world is weary is an understatement. Never before have people been assaulted on so many fronts. We have battled an unyielding health crisis, watched as our finances dwindled and our fear increased, and endured one of the most bitter, unprofessional, and disgusting political battles in United States history.

I am tired. All the way down to my soul, tired.

Yet, I know I am one of the lucky ones. I have kept my job and the roof over my head – two things millions of other people can’t say right now. So, when I say that I am tired, please know that does not mean I have completely lost sight of my blessings. I am tired of seeing people hurting; of the discouragement and sheer struggle to just exist right now. I am saddened by the fact that we can’t even discuss our differences without it disintegrating into foul words and hateful speech. When did we lose the ability to simply communicate with one another? Has social media so emboldened us to “speak our minds” without thought of consequence, that we can’t find any common ground with those around us? It seems like we are so busy demanding respect that we forget to extend it. It breaks my heart.

If anything good has come of this year, it is that for the first time in history, we have been forced to pause. We have been placed in a “time out”, whether we like it or not, and have no choice but to finally come face to face with ourselves and those we love most. We are starting to ask ourselves the really difficult questions, like “Is this the life I really want to live?”, “Am I happy? Have I been happy? Are you happy?” and “Is this the world we want to leave our children and grandchildren?” We can no longer run from ourselves, our relationships or our lives. We must sit with it and truly contemplate our future with our eyes and hearts wide open.  We have to look at all the things we have accumulated and ask ourselves if all this stuff really has the value we place upon it? Like any birthing process, it is hard and it is painful, but it must be so. We must go through this painful period to fully appreciate the blessing that is coming; there is no other way.

Now more than ever, it is time for all good souls to step out and bring light to the darkness around us. It is not about simply caring for ourselves, although that is vitally important. It is about our neighbor, our community, and ultimately, our world. Trust me when I say, no one from Washington DC is coming to save us. It is – and always has been – about relationship; to our Creator, ourselves and those around us. This year is finally coming to a close and I encourage you to ask the question “What good can I bring to the world around me?” And when you figure it out, go do it. It’s as simple as that. No one else has your gifts and talents! You were created for more than just merely existing. Step out and bring your light with you…we need you. We need each other.

We must find a new way of being. It is time.

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